About Us

We are a Sussex based publisher of innovative greeting cards and personalised products. All our products are carefully made in Great Britain from quality materials. Our greeting card ranges are unique to us and are designed to add that something special from the giver to the recipient. Our greeting cards can be personalised with names and/or images and come in several popular colours.

- Occupations (e.g. Nurse, Teacher) - There are over 100 different occupations with a humorous or relevant image. Great for birthday, thank you and leaving cards.
- Sports (e.g. Golf, Rugby) - Over 30 different sports for the sport enthusiast.
- Days Of The Year (e.g. 14th January) - A card for all 365 days of the year showing a historical image, what happened on that day in history and famous people born on that date.
- Likes And Hobbies (e.g. Chocolate, Social Media, Photography) - There are over 50 different topics with some lovely humorous or motivational text relevant to the like or hobby.
- Dog Breeds (e.g. Golden Retriever, Pug) - 70 breeds of dog are shown with or without some lovely humorous text.
- Year Of Birth (e.g. 1947) - All years from 1940 to 1999 are available, showing UK news for the year, a news image, what was showing in cinemas and famous people born in the year.
- Age (e.g. 33, 74) - There are all ages from 1 to 100, with sensational images.
- Children's Names (e.g. Abbie, Aaron) - Children love to see their own name on a card and you can also add any other name you may require.
- Favourite Animals (e.g. Koala Bear, Gorilla) - There are over 70 animals, including 13 cats. Most people have their own favourite animal.
- Occasions (e.g. Anniversary, Birthday, New Baby) - All major occasions are available.